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Don't miss our panel at the 2017 Conference of Europeanists in Glasgow !

posted Jun 23, 2017, 6:13 AM by Eva Thomann   [ updated Jul 10, 2017, 11:00 PM ]
European Union in crisis: (what) can we learn from other cases?
Panel at the 24th International Conference of Europeanists, Council for European Studies, Glasgow, Scotland, July 12-14, 2017
Territorial Politics and Federalism Research Network

Place and time:     Thursday, July 13 4:00 to 5:45 PM - University of Glasgow WMB - Hugh Fraser Seminar Room 2

Panel Chairs:
Dr. Eva Thomann, Institute of Political Science, Heidelberg University, Germany
Dr. Philipp Trein, Faculty of Social and Political Science, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Miriam Hartlapp and Dr. Philipp Trein

Panel description
The European Union (EU) is currently facing major challenges that not only put into question the overall process of European integration, but also the EU’s capacity to effectively resolve shared problems. In the quest to generate evidence that helps us to understand and mediate these problems, Europeanists tend to approach the EU as a unique and unprecedented economic, political and administrative system that requires a separate analytical approach. As a result, we often observe insulated strands of research on the EU that undertake little efforts to connect their insights to the broader study of similar phenomena. To the contrary, this panel seeks to illuminate how we can learn about contemporary challenges in the EU from other cases and theories. The panel gathers contributions on a broad range of topics concerning the EU that explicitly use theoretical, analytical or empirical insights from other strands of literature and empirical cases. Comparable cases include, for example, other multi-level governance systems; other inter- and supranational organizations; and referenda in (semi-) democratic systems. Useful theoretical and practical insights may be gained from the literature on democratic participation, policy integration, management reforms, risk regulation, policy learning, and multi-level implementation theory. The panel gathers papers that explicitly argue for comparability and derive lessons for contemporary issues in the EU. Thereby, the panel seeks to unravel the potential and limits of how cumulative knowledge in Political Science and related fields may advance our current understanding of the EU in important ways.


EU Referenda: What to Learn from the Swiss Case.
Eva Thomann, Heidelberg University; Eva  Heidbreder, University of Dusseldorf; Isabelle Stadelmann-Steffen, University of Bern; Fritz  Sager, University of Bern

Cross-Sectoral Policy Integration in Energy  Governance: The EU and International  Governmental Organizations Compared.
Jale Tosun, Heidelberg University; B. Guy Peters,  University of Pittsburgh

Moving Beyond the Sui Generis Verdict: Comparing Management Reforms in the European Commission with Other International  Organizations.
Jörn Ege, German University of  Administrative Sciences Speyer; Michael Bauer, German University of Administrative Sciences  Speyer

Regulating Complexity in the European Union – the Role of the European Centre for Decease Prevention and Control in the H1N1 Case.
Esther Versluis, Maastricht University; Jinhee Kim, Maastricht University - Google Sites Tweet Button