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Thomann, E. and F. Sager (eds). 2018. Innovative Approaches to EU Multilevel Implementation: Moving beyond legal compliance. Routledge, ISBN: 978-0-8153-6000-1

Thomann, E. (forthcoming). Customized implementation of European Union food safety policy: United in diversity?  Palgrave Macmillan, International Series on Public Policy.


Thomann, E. 2015. Public health policy at the frontline: A comparative perspective. Bern: KPM-Schriftenreihe, Nr. 62.

Chapters in edited volumes, handbooks and encyclopediae

Thomann, E. Forthcoming, 2018. Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) as an approach to Comparative Policy Analysis. In: Handbook of Methodology for Comparative Policy Analysis. Edward Elgar (Editors Guillaume Fontaine and B. Guy Peters).

, E. Forthcoming, 2017. Food safety policy: transnational, hybrid, wicked. In: Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics. Oxford University Press.  pre-print version

, E. and F. Sager. 2017. Hybridity in action: Accountability dilemmas of public and for-profit food safety inspectors in Switzerland. In: Paul Verbruggen and Tetty Havinga (Eds). Hybridization of food governance: Trends, types and results. Cheltenham and Massachusetts: Edward Elgar, 100-120.     pre-print version

Hupe, P., Saetren, H. and E. Thomann. Forthcoming. PSG XIII: Public Policy. In: Did EGPA make a difference to the Study and Practice of Public Administration in Europe? The past and the future of a community at the heart of the administrative sciences. 40th EGPA Anniversary book.

Guest editorships

Trein, P., Thomann, E. and M. Maggetti. Forthcoming. Integration, functional differentiation and problem-solving in multilevel governance: a comparative perspective. Symposium in Public Administration.

Thomann, E. and F. Sager. 2017. Moving beyond legal compliance: Innovative approaches to multi-level implementation. Special issue 24(9), Journal of European Public Policy.

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