"Teaching is fun! My teaching philosophy entails a mix of knowledge transfer with a socratic, interactive and problem-oriented style of teaching. My job as an instructor is to facilitate critical, analytic and independent thinking. To this end, I encourage students to ask themselves the right questions for progressing in their research design and analysis, rather than presenting them with ready-made answers."

Office hours
Mondays 5-6pm and Tuesdays 10-11am
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Upcoming teaching

10.-14.6.2019, Instructor, Penryn Campus Cornwall-University of Exeter

(POCM102) Comparative Case Study Design
3.-7.6.2019, Instructor, Penryn Campus Cornwall-University of Exeter

20.-21.6.2019, Instructor, , with Carsten Q. Schneider
Institute for Qualitative and Multi-Method Research, Maxwell school, Syracuse University, New York

Customization and problem-solving in the EU

10.-12.7.2019, Instructor
International Summer School on Public Policy of the International Public Policy Association, Venezia-Padova

Ongoing teaching